InterDrone 2018 Next Week!

We’re headed to InterDrone 2018, the largest commercial drone conference in the USA! Just seven days away and counting until all the experts in the commercial drone industry come together to share the latest in hardware and software development. DJI, Parrot, Yuneec, and other leaders in the frontier of UAV advancement will be there to showcase their cutting edge technology. Recon Drone Repair will be there to scope out the best new products to offer to our customers.

We’re looking forward to keynote speakers like Gregory S. McNeal, co-founder of AirMap, Daniel K. Elwell, the Acting Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Michael Chasen, CEO of PRECISIONHAWK.

Want to schedule a meeting with Recon Drone Repair to talk about how we can get you a great deal on your next UAV UAS drone system and keep you flying with expert drone repair services? Fill out this meeting request and we’ll coordinate to meet with you during the InterDrone 2018 Expo: