LOOK at that DOOSAN! InterDrone 2018 EXPO and Conference


ReconDroneRepair.com is here to share with you all of our adventures from InterDrone2018 EXPO and Conference, LasVegas, Nevada!

This year at the conference there were some spectacular contributions to technology. Check out this show-stopping drone from Doosan Mobility Innovation Inc.!

Doosan’s newest drone technology includes the freshly developed fuel cell powerpack. This energy system utilizes electochemistry¬† principals to generate power from a hydrogen fuel cell. The punch from this generator can keep the Doosan drone in the air for a continual 2 hour flight! This length of fly time is unprecedented in drone history. Currently, the most limiting factor for drone users is the short life span of battery power. The usual battery life ranges from 16 minutes to 30 minutes max of flight time.

Many drone crashes occur because of the short battery life span for flight of other current drone models on the market. While flying, the pilot can easily misjudge the duration of the flight and end up with a drone losing power in mid-flight. When the battery shuts off suddenly it sends the drone plummeting out of the sky to the earth or water. During critical moments of data collection masses of data can also be lost. This forces many users to carry 2 or 3 drones and multiple back-up batteries with them to any single job site to allow for unexpected crash incidents.

If you’re not flying the Doosan with fuel cell powerpack and crash your short flyer drone ReconDroneRepair.com/repair is here to to help! Our quality technicians are skilled in a variety of drone model repairs and rebuilds. If you’ve crashed or are experiencing other software issues with your drone CLICK on ReconDroneRepair.com.

Fill out the short info page at checkout. Tell us your drone’s make and model and a little about the damage. Ship your drone and controller without battery pack to our repair center at P.O. Box 29272 Parkville, Mo. 64152. ReconDroneRepair.com will have one of our experienced technicians complete a thorough evaluation. Within 2 days of our receiving your drone you will receive via email a written Diagnostic Report including a quote for repair services and parts (if needed). Upon your approval, the repairs will be completed. ReconDroneRepair.com will ship your fixed drone back to you and you will be ready to fly again!

Most repairs can be completed within a 7 day turnaround time. CONTACT US today for your repair needs! We’re here to help get you back in the air again!







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