How to Ship Your Drone to RECON for Repair

It’s easy to pack up your damaged drone and mail it in to us for repairs.

If your drone has crashed and you find yourself in over your head about how to get it working again, the experts at are here to help! We are able to find a solution to any challenge you’re facing with your drone.

The following video showcases an unboxing of one of the drones Recon Drone Repair received in the mail for repair service. It’s a good example of how easy it is to safely and securely package your drone for shipping to Recon Drone Repair for repairs. This drone’s owner did not send their battery but you may include the battery with your drone when shipping. Please, disclose to the post office that there is a LiPo battery in your device within your package.

Some of the common damages Recon Drone Repair fixes:

  • Gimbal and camera flexible PCB ribbon cable – These delicate cables connect your camera’s image to the motherboard of your drone. They are sensitive to stress and can easily be kinked, stretched, or torn by wear and tear or upon impact. If this happens the image signal cannot travel from camera through the gimbal to the board where it would be then transmitted to your receiver (phone or tablet). This element is crucial to photogrammetry. If you’re not able to connect to see an image on your receiving device then there may be damage to this cable. Replacement of this flat PCB ribbon cable can usually be accomplished within the first FREE hour of your Repair Service.
  • Water damage – If your drone has been submerged under water you may be looking at a full rebuild of electrical components. Water is a conductor. Often, when water comes in contact with the circuit board it will misdirect electrical signals. This causes a short in various components.
  • Landing gear – If your drone has dropped out of the sky its landing gear may break. The plastic and sometimes carbon fiber legs on a drone help insulate the body from rough landings. It’s better for the landing gear to absorb the impact of a rough landing than the computer parts inside the drone’s body. Sometimes the landing gear also has wifi or compass components. These look like thin wires coming from the body of the drone and running down the length of one or more legs of the landing gear. If these are torn or damaged your drone may have trouble calibrating its GPS module. Most landing gear repairs can be accomplished within the first FREE hour of your Repair Service.
  • Broken gimbal – The gimbal is a robotic arm hinged in ways to allow your camera to maneuver an impressive range of motion. This is the device that your camera nests into and swivels upon. The gimbal can be sensitive to impact. If your drone has fallen out of the sky and hit the ground hard it may break some of the components of this arm.
  • Video cable bundle – This bundle of fine hair like cables runs image from the camera, through the gimbal, and to the processing module. This is the component that allows you to capture and receive video onto your receiving device. If this is damaged you may not be able to see video at all or it may be distorted. Replacement of this cable can often be accomplished within the first FREE hour of your Repair Service.
  • Rotor motors – Each of your drone’s blades has its own motor. These motors can become damaged if they encounter a force like impact from a crash, water getting into the shell, or other stress causing connection wires to become damaged. Individual motors can be tested and replaced. If new wires are required from the motor to the center mother board soldering is required.
  • Loose solders – Occasionally a crash can weaken the tiny solder points inside the drone’s body. These soldered spots are connecting various components of the drone together along their specific electrical pathways. If there are weak or broken solder joints then Recon Drone Repair can remove the old solder and re-solder those joints. If there is extensive damage and re-soldering is not a viable option then a replacement of the circuit board may be required.
  • Firmware updates – These updates are controlled from your receiving device (phone or tablet). Sometimes the update itself may cause a disturbance in the hardware signaling. You may experience things like not being able to detect your controller or drone body, beeping, or flashing lights. is able to troubleshoot issues with the device’s firmware and get everything communicating properly again.
  • Broken hull – The shell that houses your drone’s electronic and mechanical parts is made from plastic or carbon fiber. During a crash the hull can crack, become scratched, or break completely. Recon Drone Repair can replace these broken pieces helping your drone look and fly like new again. These repairs can usually be accomplished within the first FREE hour of your Repair Service.

AND MUCH MORE! Order your Repair Service today and include in the “instructions from buyer” a short description of your drone’s damages. is here to help get you flying again!

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