Yuneec’s Big Announcements at InterDrone 2018 – Interview with Frank DeMartin, SVP at Yuneec

Frank DeMartin, Senior Vice President at Yuneec, talks with Recon Drone Repair about what’s ahead for Yuneec this year.

A big thank you to Frank DeMartin, SVP at Yuneec, for helping us stay up-to-date in the drone world!

Transcript of interview with Frank DeMartin of Yuneec: “Thanks, Laura. Good to meet you. Yea, Yuneec really, at this show, at the InterDrone 2018 we have made two major announcements. First is, we’re partnering with a company called 3DR and we’ve launched a product that is dedicated to the U.S. government customers. It’s a secure drone code based system that’s based on the Yuneec H520 and 3DR Site Scan software. A lot of U.S. government customers are looking for a secure and end sUAS solutions so we have announced that partnership here. Also, another announcement we’ve made is we are introducing our next generation thermal camera payload for our H520 commercial aircraft. They are high resolution based on FLIR imaging technology. So, whether it’s a 320×256 resolution or a 640×512 those products will be available shortly in the market and take our current thermal offering really to the next level – very high resolution. And, in general at the show we’re talking about some products. Our H520 which is our flagship commercial sUAS as well we’ve just introduced a foldable quad called our Mantis Q. We just introduced that product. Although it is a consumer product it’s getting a lot of interest from commercial end users here at the show.”

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