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Local Drone Repair Done Right

Fix your drone with Recon Drone Repair’s unbeatable Repair Service! Call ahead to hand deliver your drone to our technicians in Dallas and Kansas City! Need to ship your drone in? Shipping address is provided at checkout! We’ll get you flying again, fast!


We’re EXPANDING!!! Now HIRING in multiple CITIES across the country!! Kansas City • Palo Alto • Phoenix • Scottsdale • Austin • San Antonio • Houston • Montgomery • Atlanta • Tampa • Miami • New York City • Seattle • Portland • Denver • Chicago • Dallas • Sacramento If you’re looking for a

Yuneec’s Big Announcements at InterDrone 2018 – Interview with Frank DeMartin, SVP at Yuneec

A big thank you to Frank DeMartin, SVP at Yuneec, for helping us stay up-to-date in the drone world! Transcript of interview with Frank DeMartin of Yuneec: “Thanks, Laura. Good to meet you. Yea, Yuneec really, at this show, at the InterDrone 2018 we have made two major announcements. First is, we’re partnering with a