Drone Repair Dallas

Repair Service

Now servicing the Greater Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex!

Recon Drone Repair specializes in getting you back in the air fast with our expert technicians and quick turnaround times! Order this Repair Service and we will get your repair scheduled with one of our local technicians. We’ll send an official diagnostic report including labor and parts via email.

This Repair Service fee includes:

  • Comprehensive evaluation by one of our trained technicians
  • Written Diagnostic Report
  • One full hour of labor (many repairs are able to be completed in this frame of time)

Our quality technicians will return your UAV to its excellent flying capabilities. Also, we’ll perform any firmware updates and calibrations necessary to get you running in tip-top condition.

Our residential-office in the Dallas, Tx. area doesn’t have a physical store front for customers to visit. When you purchase your Repair Service our customer service person will contact you to schedule your repair and coordinate pickup/drop off. We are happy to offer our friendly customer care by phone at (214) 306-0184 or email at admin@recondronerepair.com.

Have a question? Contact us – we’re here to help!

Get your repair started today by purchasing your Repair Service!