Drone Repair Thousand Oaks

Recon Drone Repair is now servicing the Northern Los Angeles area! Our technicians located in Thousand Oaks, Ca and Camarillo, Ca are skilled at getting you flying again fast!

We specialize in every kind of drone repair including these common damages:

  • Gimbal and camera shake
  • Broken arm
  • Cracked shell, hull or casing
  • Camera or gimbal alignment
  • Broken landing gear
  • Blade propeller replacement
  • Circuit board and ESC repair
  • Wiring damages including soldering
  • GPS not working
  • RC and transmitter malfunction
  • Not connecting
  • Fly offs
  • Hard crash landing
  • Flex cable replacement
  • Firmware update
  • Video and camera image problem
  • Propeller motor damage
  • Water damage
  • Not taking off or not returning home
  • Disconnected error
  • Syncing
  • Calibration, and more…

Recon Drone Repair is a network of tried and true technicians across the USA. Get your repair started today by purchasing your Repair Service here. This will get your info entered into our system and we will coordinate a time for you to drop off your drone with our nearest technician. Your drone will be repaired locally in the Camarillo or Thousand Oaks areas, no need for shipping.

We look forward to helping you get flying again!