Drone Repair

Repair Service

Recon Drone Repair specializes in getting you back in the air fast with our expert technicians and quick turnaround times!

Order this Repair Service and we will get your repair scheduled with one of our local technicians. We don’t have a traditional storefront to drop repairs off at but instead work from residential offices and workshops. This helps us pass along savings to our customers. Once you submit your order, you may ship your drone to our headquarters at Recon Drone Repair PO Pox 29272 Parkville, MO 64152.

For better accuracy in evaluation, please, provide our technician with a complete set of what you fly with: aircraft, controller, at least one battery, camera/gimbal assembly, and charger. Once we’ve received your drone one of our skilled technicians will complete a diagnostic evaluation. You’ll receive an official diagnostic report including labor and parts via email.

This Repair Service fee includes:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation by one of our technicians
  • Written Diagnostic Report
  • One FREE hour of repair labor (many repairs are able to be completed in this frame of time)

Our technicians will help return your UAV to its excellent flying capabilities. We’ll also perform any firmware updates necessary to get you running in tip-top condition.


By purchasing a Repair Service order with Recon Drone Repair, the customer does agree to adhere to and be in acceptance with the following policies. Each order is completed according to all recommended repairs approved by the customer unless otherwise specified. All equipment must pass a thorough multi-point checklist of operational standards before returning to customer. Unless otherwise specified, such as when a customer opts not to complete a repair or to only complete a partial repair, equipment is shipped to customer only once it is fully operational or according to the specified and/or approved repairs.  Equipment is shipped to the customer via the United States Postal Service with signature required for delivery. The recipient, or their proxy, is encouraged to inspect the equipment before signing that they have received their equipment. If upon inspection, the recipient determines the equipment is not in acceptable condition the recipient, or their proxy, has the option of rejecting the deliver by refusing signature and therefore not receiving the delivery. If this occurs, the equipment will be returned to Recon Drone Repair (sender) as a refusal for delivery. The customer is encouraged to email Recon Drone Repair with any concerns and the reason for the refusal of delivery. If the recipient, or their proxy, does sign to confirm their acceptance to receive the delivery this shall be deemed the recipient’s admission that the equipment did reach them in acceptable, operational, and/or as otherwise specified condition and does waive their right to request a refund for service and/or parts. There shall be no refund considered for services rendered or parts sold once this signature to receive has been rendered. Drones contain a type of encrypted Black Box which logs all data pertaining to operational systems including date-stamping error codes and flight details. Recon Drone Repair does review this logged data to determine cause of systems error or time and location of crash.

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