Drone Repair

Repair Service


Recon Drone Repair specializes in getting you back in the air fast with our expert technicians and quick turnaround times! Order this Repair Service above and send in your drone for a comprehensive evaluation. We’ll send an official diagnostic report including labor and parts via email.

This Repair Service fee includes:

  • Comprehensive evaluation by one of our trained technicians
  • Written Diagnostic Report
  • One full hour of labor (many repairs are able to be completed in this frame of time)


Our quality technicians will return your UAV to its excellent flying capabilities. Also, we’ll perform any firmware updates necessary to get you running in tip-top condition.


If our technicians advise that your crashed unit is totaled out (repairs would extend beyond the cost to replace the unit) then you may receive an offer from Recon Drones to buy your crashed unit and provide you with a credit towards your next purchase in our shop.

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